From construction workers to Walmart managers, people from all occupations are becoming visitor experience partners for destination organizations. They work for companies that offer visitor experience (VX) education in partnership with local DMOs.  

The visitor experience is the combination of factors affecting how guests feel at a destination. Visitors notice employee morale, service, cleanliness, and much more. They also pay attention to how they are treated in your community. That is why DMOs are offering VX education to community partners.  

The Long-Term Benefits of VX Education 

Employee participation in VX education is a win-win for DMOs and their community partners: 

  • For businesses: employee engagement increases,   
  • For DMOs: visitors return, refer their friends, post positive reviews, and maybe even consider relocating or better yet, moving their business. and
  • For businesses and DMOs: the company culture improves. 

Employees who take part in VX education learn more than how to treat guests. They find out how to cultivate lasting relationships with customers. A construction project coordinator who graduated from the Treat ‘em Right VX training is excited about applying what she learned:  

“This training interested me as I want to connect with the community. At our construction company, we value integrity, performance, and relationships. Your video series embodies these values. Plus, knowing more about building relationships to improve the customer experience is a goal of mine. I am looking forward to using the ideas from your series to help me grow in outreach and in building lasting relationships. 

As this participant illustrates, businesses will benefit from VX education for years.  

Businesses Value Community Engagement Opportunities

Businesses have encouraged employees to serve their communities for decades, knowing that employee engagement increases when they offer service days, promote networking, and take part in United Way drives. All great activities. Enter VX education, where employees and members of the community learn about the area’s attractions and amenities while receiving a customer service refresher.  

When people take part in community engagement programs such as VX education they feel better about their communities and their companies. Human resources coach Michael Timmes says businesses that give employees a way to connect with their communities 

  • Enhance their corporate culture, 
  • Expand their reach when employees network, and 
  • Help make their community a better place to live. 

What’s more, Timmes says, employees feel proud when they see their organization supporting the community. They also develop a stronger sense of belonging through community engagement. 

A bank teller who took the VX employee training told me about feeling more prepared to show off her community, Manhattan, Kansas. Active as a young adult member of several boards, she is an excellent visitor experience partner.   

“I love sharing all the amazing experiences I have working, living, and adventuring here in Manhattan. I wanted to learn even more about Manhattan (Kansas) and be ready to share even more.” 

Company Culture Improves After VX Education  

Not all companies have the values described by the construction coordinator above. Leaders working to improve their company culture report changes after VX employee training. A manager at a Walmart store appreciates the direction she received in the training. She told me: 

“We play a huge role in bringing revenue to our community, and it takes every one of us to take ownership of our community.” 

The manager goes on to say that treating people right, and learning how to do it, is more vital now than ever. She blames technology for the downturn in people skills.  

“I have noticed that people do not know how to respond to simple, ‘Good morning,’ ‘Hello,’ and ‘Thank you.” She says since the VX education she has been more observant of friendliness–reminding her team to remember the trivial things that affect customers’ experiences. “Being better people also improves our mental health. The return on the investment in training is endless.”  

The return on investment (ROI) of VX education can be measured more than anecdotally. Organizations track employee retention, referrals, and recruitment.  

Video Simplifies VX Education 

When planning your 2024 community engagement budget, and looking for the best ROI, consider VX education on video. Video training is cost-effective, convenient, and engaging. Most importantly, it works: people retain 95% of what they learn watching a training video compared to 10% of what they read.   

Treat ‘em Right’s VX education video series has received dozens of positive reviews. Contact us to discuss a custom VX education program for your organization. Call 314-221-6037 or contact us online. We look forward to working with you soon.