The Treat ‘em Right Process

The Treat 'em Right Process

The Experience Economy is here and now.

As a whole, consumers are undergoing a transformational shift in what they value most:


Because goods and services are no longer enough for consumers, businesses must create memorable events that capture their audience and stage experiences that transform their brand’s value proposition.

If you can personalize your customer’s experience with your brand and product,

You Will Win

Treat ‘em Right is adept at assessing organizations needs and finding solutions to routinely exceed customer expectations and convert them to be brand advocates who will blog, brag about and most importantly – return to your destination.

Discovery Visit

icon discoveryWhen a customer visits a destination, they undergo a journey or an on-brand experience. More specifically, this journey consists of a series of products and services. The quality of those interactions while delivering products and services shape how the customer emotionally feels about the overall experience. The way a customer is made to feel throughout the on-brand experience is crucial to maximizing the value of your customer’s visit.

To capture and evaluate your customer’s journey, we conduct an assessment of your organization’s needs. We call this a discovery visit. We will physically go through key delivery points to reveal how you manage your customer’s experience from the first to the last touch point. A discovery visit can include one-on-one interviews with select front-line workers to determine the depth of destination knowledge, the level of hospitality skills, service attitude and training needs. Do they know the brand promise? Additionally, we meet with your key stakeholders in your organization for further insight into the destination’s performance.

Therefore, the objective of the discovery visit is to gain first-hand knowledge of your customers’ on-brand experience. In the end, this allows us to uncover opportunities for both enhancement and improvement. Based on first-hand research, we design a custom solution that fits your situation and needs.

Development of Custom Plans & Programs

icon developCustomer loyalty is gained by routinely exceeding expectations. To help you succeed in routinely exceeding customer expectations, we are here for you every step of the way. We take the findings from the comprehensive discovery visit to develop a custom plan that fits your specific needs. Treat ‘em delivers the appropriate solutions to tackle your challenges and attain your goals. We do our homework, and will build the right program to exceed customer expectations and build brand loyalty.

Implementing the Plans & Programs

icon implementWe will take the time to carefully review and explain each part of the plan with you so that you fully understand and have the tools to successfully implement the full-scale program. At Treat ‘em Right, we feel it is critical that we assist in implementing appropriate programs. In fact, we work closely with our clients’ hospitality communities every step of the way.

Treat ’em Right is the first hospitality training organization to provide multiple custom products and services on a national scale.

Treat ‘em Right Training & Services

You must connect with your front-line workers to share your brand’s promise. Treat ‘em Right offers the training and tools for these individuals to routinely exceed customer expectations and gain repeat visitors. We will help you engage your hospitality community and show leadership by providing a dynamic state-of-the-art learning experience as well as educate front-line workers on your brand and its promises.


Treat ’em Right’s custom eLearning development system brings your voice to engaging and effective online learning. We apply more than 75 years of instructional design experience to creating custom content that speaks to your specific needs. Classes will not exceed eight minutes to insure retention. The eLearning system will certainly help your hospitality community exceed customer expectations and expand their view beyond their corner.

Video E-Learning

Your campus is cloud-based so it’s easily accessible anywhere and on any device. Therefore, you can use your smartphone, tablet or computer for quick access to video eLearning. Content is easily managed on the online campus and Learning Management System as well as on your website.

The courses are designed to guide participants on a journey through real-world experiences and situations they may encounter on a daily basis. Additionally, the eLearning system includes short quizzes on the skills learned throughout each module, allowing participants to earn the designation of “Certified Hospitality Professional” (CHP).

Live Training

For those organizations that prefer live classes or want to complement their e-learning, Treat ’em Right also designs and develops custom, live training that can be delivered by your own trainers.


Treat ‘em Right is adept at assessing organizations needs and finding solutions to exceed customer expectations through the following consulting services:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training design and delivery
  • Customer Expectation Surveys
  • Team Building for Boards & Staff
  • Coaching skills for Managers
  • DISC Certified – tendencies indicator
  • Insight Inventory – natural communication tendencies
  • Legal and effective Interviews – built for specific job titles
  • Customized Employee Orientations
Keynotes & Seminars

Phil has more than 35 years of world-class attraction management, combined with consulting, training and speaking in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. He is one of the top speakers in the tourism industry and has spoken at numerous U.S. and International travel conferences. In addition, his keynotes and seminars offer insight into best practices by using real-time, real-world business models that have been very successful. Phil is an ideal presenter and he does his research to meet the needs of your conference.


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