The St. Louis Cardinals is an organization committed to delivering world-class service to each and every guest that walks through the turnstiles at Busch Stadium. They are committed to providing a clean, safe, fun, family-friendly environment. With 500 front-line employees that work for the organization, it can be a challenge to ensure that everyone is adequately trained and doing their very best to exceed the guests’ expectations. The organization has a structure in place where there are 30 area managers that oversee the bulk of the frontline employees. However, there were some inconsistencies with how these managers performed their job. The St. Louis Cardinals needed them to have better accountability for themselves and those they supervised. They had 30 managers with great ‘people’ skills; now they just needed to enhance their supervision/coaching skills.

In order to achieve this goal, the St. Louis Cardinals enlisted the services of Treat ‘Em Right


Phil Bruno, President of Treat ‘Em Right, created a customized training program after the completion of stakeholder interviews that involved all levels of staff. These interviews included a personal discovery tool that uncovered how certain managers handled situations versus others. The training program developed would need to focus on teaching managers to be more proactive with situations that arise instead of always being reactive.


The St. Louis Cardinals developed a “Leading the Cardinal Experience” workshop for all Management/Supervisory employees to attend once hired. The program was broken up into three phases, the Pre-Season, the Season and the Playoffs. The workshop facilitated by Phil Bruno provided a number of ideas and tools for creating a more “proactive” work unit among the area managers. Topics included, “What is the Cardinal Experience,” “Today’s Goals and Objectives,” “Learning to Flex Your Personal Styles,” and “Identifying Coachable Moments.”
The shift in approach has led to more guests leaving Busch Stadium with fond and lasting memories of both the game on the field and the experience within the stadium.

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Phil Bruno’s company is aptly named. Whether it’s meeting in advance with the client to specifically customize a program or making the attendees feel comfortable during his program, he knows how to Treat ’em Right. Phil Bruno walks the walk and provides enlightening programs.

– St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission

Phil has a unique blend of Fortune 500 experience and industry leadership. He has
down to earth common sense with the passion and enthusiasm to reach all audiences. If you are looking for a speaker with credibility to engage your audience with fun and real-time practical skills they can use immediately, then Phil Bruno is the speaker for you.

– Carole Moody, former president, St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission