Gen Z to the Rescue…if You Can Engage Them

A 50-minute keynote.

The hospitality and tourism industry is desperate for workers these days. Gen Z employees will likely fill the employment gap…but only if you know how to attract and engage them. This keynote helps leaders and managers in the hospitality and tourism industry understand and engage with this generation to rebuild their workforce.

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Build Great Guest Experiences

A 50-minute keynote.

The Experience Economy is here and now. If you don’t know what that means, you need to slap yourself and dial in to this enlightening presentation. Audience members learn the competitive advantage of building experiences, not just offering products and services. Success stories from Phil’s own experiences with Fortune 500’s, family-owned businesses and not-for-profits are used. New business models are shared from the leading organizations of Starbuck’s, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, and Build-A-Bear.

The Great Hospitality Re-start

A 50-minute keynote.

The hospitality and tourism industry is desperate for workers these days. The industry lost a whopping 75% of its workforce during the pandemic, and it’s nowhere near filling all those vacated positions. The Great Hospitality Re-start will help leaders and managers in the hospitality and tourism industry gain a competitive edge while creating a stable, resilient, and prosperous organization. A state of the art multi-media slideshow analyzes Gen Z and what events shaped them as a generations.

Generations in Change

90-minute working keynote

Attendees are involved in a List-O-Rama experience. Organizations need flexible workers prepared to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and get the job done, whatever that happens to be on any given day. Four generations are thrown together with different work ethics, expectations and backgrounds. Misunderstandings and clashes should be expected. How we deal with them is the key. Convene with other professionals to discover what’s working, what’s not ,and the latest input from the nation’s leading authorities.

Building Killer Committees / Teams

A 60-minute keynote or breakout using a personal assessment tool

This is great for Board retreats…People join professional associations for networking, and growth, both personal and professional. Audience members discover what they do best in a team atmosphere, and gain valuable insight into their own work habits. In addition, they learn about other team members’ contributions, the value that they bring to the process and how to work most effectively together.


60-minute keynote, 90 minute breakout or 3-hour workshop

We all have to admit that sometimes, we are the difficult one. This presentation is about learning how to build a shield against the negative energy generated by chronically difficult people. These chronics suck the energy from us just like Kryptonite did to Superman.

List of recent appearances:
  • American Bus Association
  • International Association of Venue Managers
  • Stadium Managers Association
  • Mississippi Governors Conference
  • Oklahoma Governors Conference
  • Destination Marketers Association of the West
  • Westchester University
  • Toledo, Ohio CVB
  • Chattanooga, TN CVB