When searching for the best way to improve your visitor experience, begin by looking at employee satisfaction. Successful visitor experience leaders must address five needs of team members: 1) understanding your vision, 2) getting meaningful feedback, 3) a collaborative environment, 4) feeling empowered, and 5) knowing what it takes to succeed. Read on for information on how to address these needs to improve your visitor experience. 


Smart executives work on themselves before launching a strategy to improve employee satisfaction. Treat ‘em Right offers coaching and support for leaders using tools such as the DISC tendencies indicators and Insight Inventories.  We also guide teams in exploring the five most common mistakes leaders make and what to do to overcome them: 


One of the first mistakes you can make as a visitor experience leader is not having a clear and compelling vision for your team. A vision is a statement that describes what you want to achieve, why it matters, and how it aligns with your brand’s values and goals. Without a vision, your team may lack direction, motivation, and cohesion. Get over this obstacle by involving your team and creating and refining your vision then communicating it frequently and consistently. A vision should inspire your team to strive to provide an excellent and innovative visitor experience. 


Another mistake you can make as a visitor experience leader is not giving or receiving feedback effectively. Feedback is essential for improving your team’s performance, skills, and morale. However, feedback can also be counterproductive if it is vague, inconsistent, or harsh. To avoid this mistake, you need to give feedback that is specific, timely, and constructive. You also need to solicit feedback from your team, visitors, and other stakeholders, and act on it accordingly. Feedback should help your team grow and learn from their mistakes and successes.


A third mistake you can make as a visitor experience leader is fostering a silo mentality in your team. A silo mentality is when your team operates in isolation from other teams or departments and does not share information, resources, or insights. This can lead to duplication, inefficiency, and missed opportunities. To avoid this mistake, you need to encourage collaboration and cross-functional communication in your team. You also need to break down the barriers and silos that prevent your team from working with others. Collaboration should enable your team to leverage the collective knowledge and expertise of the organization.


A fourth mistake you can make is not empowering your team enough. Empowerment is when you give your team the authority, autonomy, and resources to make decisions and take actions that benefit the visitors. Without empowerment, your team may feel restricted, frustrated, and disengaged. To avoid this mistake, delegate tasks and responsibilities and trust them to manage them well. You also need to support your team with coaching, training, and recognition. Empowerment should boost your team’s confidence and creative approach to the visitor experience. 


A fifth mistake leaders make is not measuring their team’s impact and outcomes. Measurement is when you use data and metrics to evaluate your team’s performance, progress, and results. Without measurement, you may not know if your team is meeting the expectations, needs, and preferences of the visitors. To avoid this mistake, define and track the key indicators of a successful visitor experience, such as scores on satisfaction surveys, retention, loyalty, and advocacy. You also need to analyze and report the data and insights to your team and other stakeholders. Measurement should help your team innovate and offer an optimal visitor experience.


Once leadership teams improve employee satisfaction they can implement innovative programs such as visitor experience education for community partners. Check out Visit Skagit County Washington. Treat ‘em Right created a custom visitor experience education program for them to offer members. We were pleased to receive this feedback about the program: 

“I’ve completed the course! This is truly great. I think it will be immensely helpful to get our staff to a baseline of education and understanding when it comes to interacting with our guests. As you know, customer service has shifted a bit in recent years and many of our fresh faces will benefit greatly from this! I’m excited to see future trainings come out. I also love that this is customized to our area, it’s really starting to make Visit Skagit Valley Washington come into vision.” – Matthew Greenwood, regional director, sales and marketing for Hotel Services Group, Hampton Inn & Suites in Burlington, Washington. 

We hear similar feedback from DMOs across the country. The Pennsylvania Convention Center asked us to create teamwork training for the union members at their world-class facility. This effort was the first of its kind in the industry. Dominique Bonds, director of engagement for the Pennsylvania Convention Center, called the training, “. . . essential in ensuring our guests have an exceptional experience and positive engagements at the PCC.” 


As you can see, you don’t need to recreate the wheel. Give us a call or send us a message  to talk about where you could use some support and get started on solutions to improving your organization’s Visitor Experience.