About Treat ’em Right

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Treat ‘em Right can help you build valuable and lasting relationships with your brand.

You must offer something that is memorable and outside the range of the normal experience.

We know that the guest experience is key!

In the service industries, it’s the little things that add up to create the personalized experience that visitors want to blog, brag, and most importantly – return to your destination.

It only makes sense that every member of your hospitality community is trained to go the extra mile. Specifically, your visitor wants to feel noticed and appreciated. By going the extra mile, you show them that they’re valued.

Treat ‘em Rights’ passion is exceeding Visitor expectations

We will work with your stakeholders and experience providers by sharing the latest tools and life skills training that will enrich the visitor experience and your community as a whole.

We’ll help you engage your hospitality community and show leadership by providing dynamic state-of-the-art learning experience as well as educate front line workers on your brand and its promise.

Phil’s insight into best practices by using local and regional business models was helpful and timely in this economic situation. He did his research of our needs as a tourism group and paired the success stories of both local and regional businesses and their success stories to our situation in promoting tourism in this new economy.

– Kendra Rhoades, Manager, Colorado Tourism Office

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Don’t wait to learn more about our customized training programs to educate your hospitality communities and partners.



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